Thursday, July 10, 2014

Patriots in Murrieta

My new article in today's FrontPage Magazine:

Patriots in Murrieta

By Matthew Vadum

When President Obama began dumping busloads of newly arrived illegal aliens on small town America to force so-called immigration reform he probably didn’t expect residents of a small California city to take a heroic stand against his lawless assault on the nation’s immigration system.

But grassroots activists in Murrieta, California, near San Diego, have been using the Left’s own playbook against the Community-Organizer-in-Chief’s efforts to force an unprecedented loosening of the nation’s largely unenforced immigration laws. Last week the protesters used the tactics of civil disobedience by blocking federal authorities from bussing in hundreds of illegal immigrants who snuck into south Texas. The feds have vowed to don riot gear in order to transport the illegals to Murrieta but that has not happened yet.

The illegals turned back by angry crowds were bound for what federal authorities called a “housing facility,” but local residents say such a facility doesn’t exist in Murrieta.

Longtime Murrieta resident John Henry said it appeared federal officials intended to place the aliens in the local Border Patrol station, which has only five holding cells.

“There are no showers, and there’s only one toilet in each cell. There’s really no place to give them hot food and no beds. There’s nothing here for them–we literally don’t have any way to take care of these people.”

Henry added, “We additionally don’t have any places for these people to go after they are processed.”
Henry told Breitbart News that the illegals, unaccompanied minors and women from Central America, are being sent to Republican-supporting communities like his city to send those opposed to open borders a political message.

“The administration thinks that if it floods our streets, in small town America, they can force us into immigration reform,” he said. “These immigrants should not be here. The only reason that they are coming here is for political reasons.”
“This is a small town – it’s mostly conservative – and the federal government knows that. The main reason a lot of us are out here protesting is because we do not want these people being dumped into our small town where we do not have programs or the resources to take care of them properly.”
Henry and his fellow protesters have been attacked by left-wingers who prefer hurling epithets to answering arguments.