Saturday, March 26, 2011

Andrew Breitbart: Courts an Instrument of Leftist Thuggery

Audrey Hudson of Human Events quotes me in a new article:

Politicians and their supporters use interesting tactics to intimidate and silence their critics, from rumor-mongering to editorial cartoons, even dueling pistols.
But the target of a high-profile lawsuit who is also a relentless investigator of the Obama administration says the judicial system is being used to retaliate against him.
“The President of the United States has an unprecedented and uncanny desire to silence those who report the truth about him,” says media mogul Andrew Breitbart. [...]
Exhibit B, Breitbart says, is how the Left used the apparatus of the mainstream media to target other enemies, such as author David Freddoso and commentator Stanley Kurtz.
Freddoso, who wrote The Case Against Barack Obama, a New York Times best seller, “was called a hack, and whatever else they could think of,” Matthew Vadum [...] tells HUMAN EVENTS.
In an American Spectator article Vadum penned during the campaign season, he outlined an Obama campaign memo he obtained urging followers to stir up trouble for Freddoso.
Vadum told HUMAN EVENTS that “leftist radicals don’t really like free speech unless it goes their way.”  The courts, it appears, are their final option to shut down the opposition.
“When they don’t like what you stand for, they want the police to harass you or they take you to court.  That’s not supposed to happen in a constitutional Republic like the United States,” Vadum said.
“This is thug politics straight out of Chicago,” Vadum said.  “Al Capone would have been pleased.” [...]

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