Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Leftist Mob Mobilizes Against the GOP

Here is my article in today's Front Page Magazine:

Leftist Mob Mobilizes Against the GOP

By Matthew Vadum

In American politics, only the Left mobilizes the mob against its opponents. That’s why history textbooks don’t contain references to marauding bands of Reagan supporters roughing up Mondale backers.

But leftist groups and groups aligned with the Democratic Party have long viewed Republicans as fair game.

The Obama-backed “Occupy” movement has been working nonstop in New Hampshire bullying, intimidating, harassing, and provoking the Republican Party’s presidential candidates. It is the kind of unseemly, Latin American-style political activism that threatens to become a permanent feature of American politics if President Obama wins a second term.

It’s also the classic Saul Alinsky “inside/outside” strategy. Ensconced in the White House Obama appears to remain above the fray while his loyal minions on the outside of officialdom do their best to irritate and embarrass his Republican adversaries.

All of the Republican candidates in New Hampshire have been targeted by the Obama-approved goon squads who work with hippies and labor activists. They have portrayed their number one target, Mitt Romney, as a job-killing capitalist, Newt Gingrich as a monster, and Rick Santorum as a “bigot.”

The activists attend the candidates’ campaign events, shouting and carrying on in an attempt to prevent Republicans from speaking. They’re not interested in honest discussion or debate: their only goal is to silence the opposition. The Occupiers’ tactics are the kind one might expect to see from the Italian squadristi or the German Sturmabteilung, both of which used physical coercion and intimidation to halt the democratic process.

Much of the thuggery is coordinated by Occupy New Hampshire, whose website is an agglomeration of Marxist pabulum. The group announced that it planned to attack Republican candidates in order to focus public attention on the “growing economic inequality and the disproportionate economic and political power of corporate America and the wealthiest 1%.”

At one event, Romney fought back. In a rare outburst, the polite former Massachusetts governor verbally sparred with an activist complaining about the influence of money in politics. “Hey, instead of shouting, why don’t you say what you mean, what’s your view?” said Romney. “Madam, what do you think?”
Angry street protest groups have been harassing Republican candidates since the summer.

Members of an Iowa affiliate of an Alinsky-inspired organizing network called National People’s Action (NPA) screamed at Romney at the Iowa State Fair in August. Members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement badgered and heckled Romney, shrieking and interrupting him as he attempted to share his views on reforming entitlement programs like Social Security.

The ACORN-like Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement was praised by Bill Moyers and labeled the “Most Valuable Grassroots Advocacy Group” of 2009 by John Nichols of The Nation magazine.

NPA, along with many of the nation’s radical groups, want to use the financial crisis to achieve a radical transformation of American society, as I report in my book, Subversion Inc.: How Obama’s ACORN Red Shirts are Still Terrorizing and Ripping Off American Taxpayers.

“The banking crisis is the next big thing,” NPA executive director George Goehl said in mid 2010. “The banking crisis is the way to build a big economic justice movement in this country.” NPA is working with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the Saul Alinsky-founded Industrial Areas Foundation, and ACORN’s new front groups across America in an economic terrorism campaign aimed at the financial services sector.

Meanwhile, early returns suggest Occupy New Hampshire’s obnoxious activism failed to dampen voters’ enthusiasm for Mitt Romney who carried the state with approximately 40% of the vote.

Perhaps Occupy’s antics even helped Romney garner more votes than he would have otherwise received.

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