Thursday, November 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart and the Shirley Sherrod Video

I've been having a back and forth on Twitter with Jason Alexander (the actor from "Seinfeld" -- yes, I'm a big fan of him and the show) about the late Andrew Breitbart.

I often get into it and can get a bit hard-edged with people on Twitter but we managed to keep things civil. For me, I suppose, this is progress.

It's late and I'm tired so I'm going to now paste here what I was going to put up on Twitter.

It appears below as it would have had I put it on Twitter (because, again, I'm tired and need to go to bed soon):
Alrighty. It's confusing and has a lot of moving parts but it boils down to this:
Sherrod’s in a video speaking of her past racist acts. 1/
 She admits she treated a poor white aid applicant differently. NAACP audience cheers this racist behavior. 2/
 Sherrod doesn’t clarify anything at this point and seems to go along with audience. 3/
 Andrew says on "Hannity" ( that he publicized the
Sherrod speech 4/
 to get at NAACP, not Sherrod. The fact that NAACP people cheered Sherrod's racist acts 5/
 was far worse than anything alleged against the supposedly racist Tea Party, Andrew Breitbart says. 6/
 AB says he wasn't out to get Sherrod. In fact he says he doesn’t care about Sherrod and that 7/
 he never called for Sherrod to be fired. He was trying to defend the Tea Party which he
said 8/
 has been falsely maligned for alleged racism. But when the story broke, Agr Secy Tom Vilsack 9/
 freaked out and summarily fired Sherrod. My guess is Vilsack was wrong to do so. Andrew 10/
 can't be blamed for Obama admin's hypersensitivity. Incredibly, the NAACP threw Sherrod 11/
 under the bus immediately, not grasping the moral of the story, i.e. that NAACPers are the problem, 12/
 not Sherrod per se. Lost in all this is the fact that when Andrew introduced the world to the 13/
 Sherrod video he placed a lengthy commentary alongside it that the MSM ignored. 14/
 Breitbart’s commentary is at 15/
 AB acknowledges at the time the short version of the video came out that in the full speech 16/
 Sherrod gave she backs away from her racist pose somewhat. Andrew writes, 17/
 "Eventually, her basic humanity informs that this white man is poor and needs help."
 But Sherrod decides it would be best for the man to get help from “one of his own kind.”
 She sends him to a white lawyer for help. That's it in a nutshell, Mr. Alexander. 20/
 Sherrod became collateral damage as the MSM, NAACP, and Obama admin scrambled for cover. 21/
 Andrew's mistake, I suppose, was in not explaining things as clearly as he could have. 22/
 Perhaps he should have put the exculpatory info about Sherrod in 40-point type at the top of  22/
 his commentary but somehow I suspect the MSM still would have pilloried him. 23/23

All of this is explained far better in "Hating Breitbart," the documentary film about Andrew Breitbart that came out recently but unfortunately there is no transcript online at the moment that I can reference.

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