Thursday, March 12, 2015

Matthew Vadum on Fox News' O'Reilly Factor tonight 8 pm Eastern

I'll be on "The O'Reilly Factor" this evening at 8:00 (repeats at 11:00).  I'm in "Segment A" right at the beginning.

We discuss the manufactured anarchy in Ferguson, Missouri.


  1. Excellent segment! Sadly, it seems difficult to convince Bill O"Reilly with the facts of what's really going on... The Soros/Socialist/Marxist connection could be drawn out on a chart for him and he still wouldn't get it...

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  3. Thank You Sir for doing whatever it took to get your information out on FoxNews. The previous comment about "O'Reilly is exactly dead on correct. Nonetheless, you got the truth out about They were nearly singlehandedly responsible for destroying my department, LAPD. They infiltrated it in the 80's and planned the entire Rodney King riot scenario. They also cooked the initial King incident which made it possible for the Bush 41 DOJ to force Community Based Policing (Law Enforcement Socialism). There is NO difference between Bush 41 DOJ and Obama DOJ. The difference then was that Soros was not yet a player as he is since 2000 and beyond. To the experienced student of counter-insurgency; it's patently obvious that the FEDGOV and CPUSA are "coincidentally" benefit from the Marxist fueled race-bait pretext for anarchy in the US, albeit from apparent opposite end of the political spectrum. That all leads to the National State of Emergency being declared. What concerns me is that the American people do not have the capacity or focus to comprehend. That is made possible because even the conservative news crowd inhibits the most convincing proof and details from being aired. Not once, but all the time. Anyway, thanks for your hard work and diligence. Well done Sir.

    Mike Fanning, LAPD Sergeant, retired