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Slash and Burn: How Democrats Defend the Indefensible -- and Why Republicans Are No Match for Them

My article from the Aug. 6, 2015 issue of FrontPageMag:

Slash and Burn: How Democrats Defend the Indefensible -- 
and Why Republicans Are No Match for Them

By Matthew Vadum

The Republican congressional leadership's embarrassing failure to open fire on the human body-part wholesalers of Planned Parenthood, a group that is at the very center of gravity of the American Left, is symptomatic of a larger, probably deadly pathogen flowing in the veins of the once-proud party of Lincoln.
The collapse of the barely-there effort this week to deprive Planned Parenthood of taxpayer support for its ongoing, ever-expanding assembly line of horrors in which the group's leaders harvest human fetuses before their time in order to profit from the unquestionably unlawful profit-driven trafficking of tiny livers, eyeballs, hearts, kidneys, and brains of human fetuses, was preordained. It was a depressing confirmation of Sun-Tzu's maxim that the outcome of every battle is determined before the first skirmish.
Planned Parenthood officials were caught red-handed, both literally and figuratively, in gruesome, vomit-inducing sting videos haggling over the market prices of human organs as if these people were Old World fishmongers. Federal law forbids anyone from carrying out an abortion procedure aimed at preserving some fetal organs at the expense of other organs. The law was enacted to discourage precisely what Planned Parenthood admits it is doing.
When one of the group's human organ brokers talked about doing the procedures in a less "crunchy" way, it was an on-camera confession of the crimes that her group commits every day. There was an in-depth discussion about how to terminate the unborn child's life in a more focused way in order to preserve its organs.

An official was also captured on video saying the group figured out a way to circumvent the unenforced law entirely. And Planned Parenthood's research director has been shown in a video discussing "how Planned Parenthood abortionists are able to alter abortion procedures to deliver fully intact fetal cadavers to biologics purchasers," as The Federalist has described it. The woman states matter-of-factly that intact fetal cadavers are part of their budget, or to use her words, "just a matter of line items."
Republicans ought to be loudly demanding that Congress subpoena the remaining videos in the series which are now subject to a temporary restraining order granted by a big Obama donor who is a Los Angeles Superior Court judge. It's not like the videos are unimportant, but if it's a day ending in a "y," you can be sure Republicans are letting golden opportunities slip by.
Before we go any further, it needs to be said that this is not about abortion. This is not about pro-choice versus pro-life. This is about custom, made-to-order butchery. This is about terminating human fetuses to beef up a balance sheet. This is about snuffing out a human life, or if you are pro-choice, a potential human life, to provide human cadaver tissue to the medical research community for profit even though such research is of at best questionable scientific value.
The undercover footage of this appalling leftist-endorsed barbarism shot by the courageous activists of the Center for Medical Progress is straight out of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World or the seminal sci-fi movie "The Matrix."
Radical propagandist Michael Moore could have easily used the videos to demonstrate the supposed evils of capitalism if he weren't an irredeemable Marxist misanthrope.
Yet Moore and the rest of the Left are silent. These ideologues don't dare criticize the sacred abortion lobby. They know that if Planned Parenthood goes down, the rest of their social engineering schemes may eventually follow. The only reasonable conclusion that can be drawn is that to leftists, capitalism is only a bad thing when they aren't getting a cut of the action.
Organ-harvesting reportedly goes on in the People's Republic of China every day. There is even strong evidence that ambulance-like "death-mobiles" drive around that totalitarian country serving as portable execution grounds. They come complete with operating tables on which condemned prisoners are strapped down for execution and organ-extraction.
The U.S. prison-industrial complex the Left incessantly whines about nowadays must be a strictly amateur operation by comparison to the Red Chinese. Communists have gotten awfully good at killing over the years, and like Planned Parenthood, they pay close attention to market forces.
Now this may seem trivial in comparison to the legal and ethical concerns raised above, but quite apart from the violations of federal law, nonprofit organizations are not allowed to be engaged in profit-seeking. The IRS argot for such behavior is "arbitrage." If these custom butchers wanted to be in their ghoulish business to make money, they should have had a public stock offering or registered as a business corporation instead of pretending to be a benevolent charity that is essential to the health and well-being of American women. If Republicans only had a clue, they would be loudly demanding that Planned Parenthood be stripped of its treasured tax-exempt status.
By now we are all painfully aware of how leftists use aggressive agitation techniques to get what they want.
Barack Hussein Obama is the undisputed master of these harsh Alinsky tactics. This ruthless small-c communist lives and breathes deception and malevolence. Without this unrelenting mental focus, he wouldn't be Barack Hussein Obama.
Needless to say, Sen. Harry Reid is also intimately acquainted with brutal, in-your-face Alinskyite stratagems. Getting walloped in the 2014 midterm election, the worst shellacking the Democrats have received in an about a century and arguably since the party was founded a very long time ago, has had little to no impact on the staggeringly corrupt wheeler-and-dealer who constantly reminds everyone of his supposedly humble beginnings in Searchlight, Nevada. This power-broker's self-esteem, like the president's, is intact and robust. Like Obama, Reid follows the Alinsky playbook religiously, picking the target, naming the enemy, and polarizing things whenever he gets the chance.
Republicans, by contrast, have become a joke that isn't funny.
Both the entitled Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and the enfeebled Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) do not comprehend what they're up against. They have proven uneducable. They foolishly play by prissy Marquess of Queensberry rules when Obama and his gang of media-savvy street-fighters conceal brass knuckles under their boxing gloves. Republicans are the proverbial lemmings marching over the cliff to their deaths. Republicans even ask for the privilege of committing suicide. They don't understand and may never understand that America's leftist fifth column plays dirty and in the Obama era their tactics keep setting unprecedented new lows all the time. And they don't accept that using bold tactics will bring them success. To them it ain't broke so there's no point in fixing it.
Remember that in Reveille for Radicals, Alinsky made it clear that conservatives were obstacles to progress who richly deserved to be annihilated. "Radicals are most adept at breaking the necks of conservatives," the community organizing guru wrote, yet Republicans revel in their own impotence. It is almost as if they experience sheer joy as their radical left-wing enemies curb-stomp them continually.
It seems that no matter what, Republicans lose regardless of how large their majorities are in both houses of Congress. They don't know how to win anymore. Even worse, Republicans try to make a virtue of their own cowardice and dishonesty, rationalizing their awful behavior that is in lock-step with their enemies. They regurgitate empty mantras about how it is important to show the American people that Republicans govern the country well and that, unlike Democrats, they are competent managers of the Leviathan. These yellow-belied Republicans say big government is bad but they keep feeding the beast, promising that some day they will curb its size and scope. If present trends continue, it will never happen, or the country will just go bankrupt and dissolve under the weight of too much government and the massive national debt the feds have incurred.
Even now, after an excruciating six-and-a-half years of having their heads bashed in nearly every single day by practitioners of Saul Alinsky tactics, Republican lawmakers still don't get it. Their bottomless incompetence makes them unfit to run a town council, let alone the supreme law-making body of a nation that will soon cease to be the freest, most powerful, most affluent nation in the world.
Smelling victory in the air before the Senate defunding vote took place, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) preemptively savaged the Republicans as enemies of women. He was just doing his job, of course, because he is the de facto leader of the Senate. The phony "war on women" meme, which deserves to be associated with Democrats, not Republicans, is a leftist invention. It is self-serving, a baseless example of Alinskyite vilification. It is "damn the evidence; full speed ahead!"
On cue the bought-and-paid-for Reid leapt to the defense of Planned Parenthood, reciting a litany of lies about the services the group provides. Without pausing to take a breath, the senator viciously attacked Republicans, slandering them, and using emotional appeals.
On the Senate floor he said:
In 2013, half a million American women went to Planned Parenthood for a breast cancer screening. 400,000 women received a cervical cancer screenings from Planned Parenthood’s medical staff. And 4½ million treatments and tests for sexually transmitted diseases and infections were performed.
Note that Reid didn't get around to mentioning how many abortion procedures the organization performs. Nor did he mention Planned Parenthood's illicit trade in human body parts. The mainstream media isn't covering the story so he decided to not even talk about it. It's not like anyone would notice.
He continued:
The cold, hard fact is that a vote to defund Planned Parenthood is a vote to limit women’s access to cancer screenings, contraceptives, and all the other important services Planned Parenthood provides. It is our obligation to protect our wives, our sisters, our daughters and our grand-daughters from the absurd policies of a Republican Party that has lost its moral compass.
And Republicans for the most part just sat there and took it as they always do. They made rational arguments based on facts instead of painting colorful, emotive narratives that involve and inspire voters. Republicans should have aimed at their enemies' hearts, but they don't have the stomach for it.
Contrary to Harry Reid and leftist-inspired urban legend, Planned Parenthood doesn't provide mammograms or cancer screenings of any kind; it refers would-be patients elsewhere. It is barely a health care provider at all.
The "moral compass" assertion, made while defending the indefensible activities of Planned Parenthood, is especially intriguing.
It is reminiscent of John Kerry calling the Reagan presidency an "era of moral darkness." And it comes from a leader in the party that called Republican Mitt Romney, a decent and honorable man who flopped as a candidate, a murderer because a man's wife died of cancer when Romney's investment capital firm was involved in restructuring the company that employed the man.
What did Romney, a typical establishment Republican, do when subjected to such a vile, slanderous attack? The former Massachusetts governor said Obama was a decent and honorable man just like he is. No wonder Romney lost. Like the rest of the Republicans VIPs, he doesn't have a clue what he's up against. He thinks the Democratic politicians of today are basically good people who couldn't possibly want to bring down America. He thinks that the differences between Republicans and Democrats are only about policy and that Democrats love America just as much as he and his chums at the country club do.
People like Romney and his clones who pull the levers of power in the GOP don't seem to know the old adage, "politics ain't beanbag." They think it is a contest between good people and other good people. History has proven them wrong repeatedly yet they cling to this belief.
Republicans, if they are to survive, have to get smart and get tough quick. They have to take off the blinders and accept reality. They have to acknowledge that Obama is not an incompetent buffoon. They have to accept that he is hyper-competent and extremely effective. The problem is Obama is an evil genius of sorts. He is obsessive and determined. He knows his policies are hurting America and he's fine with that.
It is the central preoccupation of Obama's life.
Destroying what remains of America's civil society is on his mind when he wakes up (late) every morning, when he gets dressed, when he eats his breakfast, when he works out at the gym, when he does a mind-meld with the gangster-like Valerie Jarrett, when he plays golf, when he plays with his children, when he condescendingly lectures the people who voted for him, when he hosts a beer summit, when he chews his smoking-cessation gum, when he's speaking at a fundraiser, when he ridicules those who disagree with him including fellow left-wing Democrats, when he hosts extravagant, star-studded, taxpayer-supported parties at the White House, when he sends his wife to distant parts of the globe to go on manic shopping sprees, when he brushes his teeth, and when, after a full day of scheming against the nation he despises with the heat of a thousand suns, he finally drifts off to sleep. He probably even thinks about bulldozing the republic when he dreams. When he wakes up, he is refreshed. His conscience is clean because, according to his warped, utterly un-American values and anti-American ideas, he is doing the right thing.
This is what he's about. It is his sine qua non. Oblivious Republicans still don't even begin to grasp that he is America's would-be destroyer. He is the kind of despotic chief executive the Framers of the Constitution envisioned as they drafted that great national charter.
But Republicans can't seem to get excited about doing their job and opposing the slow-motion destruction of this country we love.
They coddle and pander and suck up to Obama. They do his bidding even though they don't have to -- even though in helping the president they are slitting their own throats and condemning America a slow, painful death.
Conservatives are wondering what exactly the purpose is in having a Republican Party at all. Perhaps it has outlived its usefulness, they reason.
After all, if Republicans can't take out a wounded Planned Parenthood when the group is practically begging them to, what good are they?
Despite this, the GOP could turn things around and give America a fighting chance at survival. Do they have the will to fight and get serious about tactics? We'll have to wait and see.

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