Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Why would-be bomber Olajuwon Davis wanted to destroy the Gateway Arch

The Facebook page of Olajuwon Davis, one of the two New Black Panther Party members recently sentenced for planning to use bombs to assassinate officials in Ferguson, Missouri, is revealing.

Davis and his co-conspirator, Brandon Orlando Baldwin, also wanted to blow up the iconic Gateway Arch in nearby St. Louis.

In a rambling post dated Nov. 19, 2014, that is littered with inaccuracies, Davis makes his case:

"Saint Louis" is a Slave Capital in a Slave State! Look what Picture of History I discovered in McDonald's lobby. Notice the hooded Clansman!!?? Notice the crucifixs and Arch!? Fireworks?!! What is being celebrated or honored!!??
St. Louis, the Christian European Conqueror, was a member of the Knights of Columbus (KKK) and this City was founded as a milestone of Westward expansion aka "take the land from the Native Aboriginals".
The Arch is the Shackle of Oppression. We wonder why St. Louis (historically called Mound City) seems so Miserable (Missouri=Misery). My theory is, if you want to Control the New World then you Chain it at its Heart, which is Mound City/Midwest/St. Louis. This is exactly what has happen here.Dred Scott case that was heard here set the precedent that ALL those of African Descent (aka ANY trace of Melanin) could NEVER be Citizens of this US (Union States) System.
White Supremacy has the World/Planet around its Neck link a Jesus Piece and it is linked at the Arch. Think about it, if one wanted to wear the World on a Chain or keep it Chained up, the Arch would be the place where one would connect the Links. Yet, we worship and reverence a structure that was built as a Symbol of Our destruction and demise.
Think and Free yourself!!!

I made a screen grab of the page in case it goes down the Memory Hole. It is posted immediately below:

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