Thursday, May 12, 2011

Obama's secret plan to help Democrats by flushing 9/11: You won't believe how president sought to change meaning of catastrophic day

A new report from WND highlights more of the explosive information in my new book Subversion Inc.

Read the article here.

Here is the beginning of the piece:
Believing Sept. 11 to have been "hijacked by Republicans," President Obama had a secret plan to "flush 9/11 down the memory hole" in order to benefit Democrats, the author of a brand-new book is claiming.
According to "Subversion Inc." by investigative journalist Matthew Vadum, Obama sought to make the environment the prime concern on 9/11 instead of the worst terrorist attacks in U.S. history.
The president allegedly used his green jobs czar Van Jones and the leftist group ACORN to help orchestrate the transformation.
"The leftists at ACORN view September 11 as a 'Republican' day because it focuses the public on supposedly 'Republican' issues like patriotism, national security, and terrorism," writes Vadum [...]
"They complain that 9/11 was long ago hijacked by Republicans and their enablers and unfairly used to bludgeon helpless Democrats every election. MSNBC host Keith Olbermann summed up this ugly perspective, calling 9/11 'a brand name. A Republican campaign slogan. Propaganda of the lowest form.'" [...]

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